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a real travel post: the Cebu escapade


This Cebu trip is going to be my first journey for this year. In my last post, i was still unsure what to do. I wanted to have an early beach escapade, but time is of the essence. I have resolved to tour the city instead, and then just come back with friends for sand, sun and sea adventures.

As of press time, i still haven't booked a hotel. I hope it's not too late though. My friend who gave the tickets as a Christmas gift was wise to schedule the trip after Sinulog. I guess i won't have a harder time booking a room. Here are my choices: Tune, Island Stay and Cebu Business Hotel. I'm still checking reviews so i haven't quite made my decision yet.

The list of places i have to see is growing. Thanks to Couchsurfing.org and suggestions from friends, here are places to be in February:

Casa Verde (for the baby back ribs)
Magellan's Cross
TOPS (for the view)
AA Bbq
Balamban Liempo
IT Park
Spicy Zebu Lechon
The Outpost

Yeah, it's all about food. I also need to check for a Victory church there so i can still attend service while on vacation.

The next time i post about this trip might be days before i'm scheduled to leave. And yes, the excitement gets stronger by the minute! I hope i can get to meet a lot of people there.

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January - I started the year partying at O Bar. Yes, with good friends at the time. Even though already tipsy at home, i still had the energy to go to O Bar and drink with friends. After the holidays, i was absent for a week. Nice, right? This was the week that I was advised to take my tonsils out. My Tito Rodel was here that time too. This was also the month when i met most of the Absolut peeps during Ali's birthday. And we also went to Binondo for the Chinese New Year ganap. At this point, i was starting to get crazy about Archibald. Lol. I was off work most of the time due to my tonsils. The trio adventures were intense this month. We all decided to be risky about everything. And risky, we were.

February - removed my tonsils. I started thinking about moving back to our home. I went back to work not feeling really welcome. You just know. More O Bar moments with Absolut. Valentine's Day? Forget about it.

March - Our team agreed to play badminton and eat according to the South Beach diet. Wrong decision. Lol. One of the highlights of this month was a birthday of one of the mahjongeras. Yes, we were still complete by this time. We also watched Hunger Games. The irony. We all had a blast during my moving out party at my old apartment along Maginhawa. That was a fun night.

April - This month, a good friend was jailed during a vacation i was supposed to be a part of. I went with other Path friends instead, on a Visita Iglesia where i fell prey to pickpockets INSIDE THE CHURCH. Nice, huh. I also became close with other Path friends and officially became a party boy. Chelsea Handler was my idol this time of year. The mahjongeras also hosted an overnight stay at a condo in Libis. Almost all my weekends were spent at Libations! in Greenhills.

May - I finally met Derrick. More Libations moment. But this was the time that we all ganged up on Cacho because of one thing that he said. One mahjongera down. And yeah, i spent all weekends partying and spending my savings because this was my birth month. 28, baby! I welcomed my birthday with the trio adventurers. Eder dropped by too, with a very nice gift. This was the most epic birthday i ever had! I was getting close to Jin and Nino this month too.

June - the partying continued. I also started to watch movies in theatres again. My iPhone broke too. Lol. I went back to Iba, Zambales with L&D. We discovered one of my fave pasta places, Spaghetti Factory.

July - My nephew Marcus Jose was born. Drank at Nommu with Nino, Jin and Rye. I was part of the Bottomliners for the Mayor Lim episode, thanks to my cousin Ivy. The Sunday Club was formed and we watched Magic Mike! There was this magical night i spent with someone. I just smile whenever i remember that. Oh well. Derrick and I were on eating binges a lot by the end of the month.

August - I started to attend services at Victory with Derrick. Habagat came. Sigh.

September - Bry's wedding! I became a registered voter. I saw Piolo Pascual in person! I went on my first solo trip ever! Gapo - La Union - Baguio. Oh that was a wonderful trip. Spent time with family in Gapo, met Luke Landrigan in LU and enjoyed Baguio ON MY OWN. We also celebrated Tita Bebot's birthday. The next day, Derrick told me that bad news.

October - I was starting to get serious with church. I attended the spiritual gifts training. Rye said he wanted to attend church services too. I went to Tagaytay with some church friends and discovered Marcia Adams. Reconnected with my friend from VXI, Laine.

November - An expensive month. I bought my tab and my S3. Yes, i am officially a fandroid. I watched three movies on one weekend: Skyfall, Pitch Perfect, and Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay. Norgel came back home. Naina was dedicated. I was baptized. :) I went back to Marcia Adams with Laine. Another mahjongera down. This time it was me.

December - The month of enlightenment. Everything was put into perspective.

2012 was about friendship. No matter what happened to my relationships with my friends, i was happy because i met them and spent a whole lot of fun times with them. I met a lot of new friends and reconnected with some old ones. I also learned how to forgive this year, not just others, but myself. This year, i rekindled my love with travelling. Although my blog did not become super white-hot, i was happy with the things i posted. Things with the family were intact. That's why i decided to go back home. Although i might leave again. The problem with the flooding has started to affect my performance. Yes, i did not have a stellar review at work. Work was so so. But i must say, i don't think i have been used up to my potential. I did a lot of bad things this year. But God showed me where to go. My friendship with God was restored. How can i forget 2012? I don't think i ever will.

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what's going on?


So it's 2 days before Christmas. I'm here in my room, which is getting more spacious without the clutter i got rid of. I just realized how much dramatic Carrie Bradshaw's life was because of her own doing. And yeah, i can't believe i patterned my life after that. Anyway...

So this December has been nothing but a month of waiting. Waiting to get my room cleaned up. Waiting for my week-long vacation. Waiting to give gifts to friends. Waiting for my teeth to be pulled out. Waiting to see if the world would end.

You see, waiting has been my thing for the longest time. I spent so much time waiting, and ended up wasting a huge amount of my life. I never got to enjoy moments. God has a lot in store for me. I need to focus my strengths on that.


This year was the year that I lost many friends. So this is how it feels when people walk out of your life.

I was always the one to walk away. My pride was higher than the tallest building in the world. But now, i'll just let my ex-friends get around the idea of welcoming me back in their lives. You see, reaching out to them and being ignored add up to that bad feeling. So instead, i'll let myself free of the hatred. If there's one thing i should learn from God, it's the choice to forgive. Because even God forgave all of my sins, past , present and future. How can i not be merciful of others?

Let go, and let God. That means so much more to me now.


So this is my first Christmas as a Christian. And it's interesting. I just realized how much focus i placed on the commercial aspect of the holiday. Christmas is about Christ. God sent Jesus to ransom us from all the sins we have committed. How can i forget that? I just hope that we will be teaching the next generation with the right way to celebrate Christmas: to celebrate Christ, that is.


It's chick flick night tonight. Watched Sex and the City 2 and The Devil Wears Prada. My dream to write a novel has been lost wherever. Days ago, Madam Shugaytay read our slumnote entries from years past by all trainers in the department. I guess it's safe to say that i achieved some of my goals. Losing weight? Well, no. But staying in the training team, yes.


What happened in the last few weeks?

Joined the Christmas Party with the VG boys. I met some of the other Victory QC guys and i got a bag as a gift! It wasn't part of my plan to join, i was supposed to be nursing a tooth extraction after effect but the dentist needed an xray of my teeth. So i went to the party. It was fun. I realized i haven't had guy friends for a loooong time.

The day after, i joined the L&D team as we all dressed up as Volturi vampires in the EGS Christmas party. I must say, cosplaying is fun! It felt nice taking pictures with a lot of people also in costume. Food was great, but i wondered why there was a lack of tables in an event that's supposed to cater to over 4,000 people. DJ Callum David was there to spin for us. Oh yeah, loved that. I didn't win a anything at the raffle. Lol.


The next week, i had to go back to the dentist, but i was late due to traffic. Yes, not an excuse. So i ended up going around Greenhills after we scheduled another appointment. Found a nice pet accessories shop. Bought a really expensive planner. I just think it's way too expensive for how it looks. Keber.


The last animated movie that i liked was Brave, and i liked it. So when i finally watched Rise of the Guardians, i couldn't believe I could still find a fave cartoon of the year. I wouldn't post spoilers, but the part that i liked is the thought of being important even if one child believed in the guardians. The enemy will always find ways to inject fear in our lives. But our faith, oh our faith... If we latch ourselves on to god that hard, the enemy will never win. In the same context, i remembered the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. God had said that even if there's one believer in those cities, He will never ruin them. God loves us that much. And yet, we hold on to our sins.


Towards the end of the year, suddenly, options arise. That makes me want to look forward to the coming year.


I will have a dog soon. I used to hate dogs. I was afraid of them, apparently for no good reason. maybe because the dogs living in our street are just really untrained. I wish Sophie would be a model baby. I can't wait to see her. And hug her.


Don't start with Miss Universe. My tweets will say all you need to hear about it.


So recently, we realized at the office that we needed a Devil Wears Prada moment. If not for the cabinets i need and surgery for my teeth (plus braces), i would have spent my money on gym membership and new clothes. Yeah.


Planning for my Cebu trip will start this week! I am so excited!

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A prayer for the shooting incident in CT


Father, I pray for comfort for the souls of the men, women and children who were victims of the shooting incident in Newtown, CT. I pray for strength for the families that they left. I pray that You will be with them at this time of grief and loss. I pray that as their Father, You will be there to comfort them and give them hope. I pray for those who survived, that they may be able to get over the horrific things that they witnessed inside the school. Lord, I pray for those innocent children. I pray that their lives will not be scarred deeply, to the point that they lose their innocence. Lord, You have showed Your fondness for children. I pray that You will be with these children as they realize what had happened in their school. I pray that their hearts and minds will not be jaded from this incident. Lord, I pray for all the parents in that city. May they seek for Your guidance and pray too for strength. Father, I pray for all people who are given the responsibility to handle guns. I pray that they will use these weapons responsibly. I pray that the government will be able to do something about this issue. I pray for stricter implementation of gun laws. I pray that families, not just in America, but around the world, will sleep tonight with an appreciation of the fact that they are still together. I pray for stronger bonds of families so that this will not happen again. I pray for responsible parents and obedient children. I pray for love, for responsibility, for faith. Father, You know how it feels to lose a Child, please be with these families as they go through the next days without their loved ones.

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My soul’s travels: in the middle


My journey as a Christian has begun. After the one2one and baptism, things are starting to get normal now. I still have my quiet time. I’ll start answering the Purple Book by January. I still attend Sunday service and VG sessions. I serve at the 6pm service from time to time. I have people from my past reaching out to me, and I politely turn them down. I guess I can call that progress.

I haven’t been setting much time for blogging though. In September, I had more than 31 entries. That’s more than the number of days in that month. For October and November, the number dwindled down. The quality of what I write about isn’t that energetic as before too. Yeah, normalcy.

So what’s next?

I need to make sure that there’s consistency in my activities. Also, make sure that I blog at least five times a week. My prayers are getting more personal and I like it more that way. It makes me feel God is closer than I thought.

There are two things that I may have to focus on: ministry and mission. More than praying for others, leading them to the same path may be more satisfying.

One year, two years, fifteen years from now, I don’t know what else I could have done; but the future is bright. All my fears are dealt with one by one. And in some ways, as surprises. I am unsure what God wants for me, but it must be one plan I couldn’t resist.

To end, I thank You Father for letting me walk with You again. I pray for strength, to run this race until the end, with You in mind. I pray for support in my weakest moments, and guidance in my triumphs. I thank You for surrounding me with wonderful people from church who are there to remind me how it is to live a Christian life. I pray for my family and my friends, that they may be able to focus on You too, so they will see Your good and pleasing will for everyone. I thank You for being present when I am tempted, and giving me the wisdom to say no to foolish acts. I pray that soon, I will be able to bring others to this race. I have found that this is a race that not a lot of people want because of the lures of sin and pleasure. I pray that You will work in their lives so they will get back in the game; and leave the enemy on the sidelines, powerless and desperate. Thank You, for reminding me of Your ultimate sacrifice, because of that, we are all victorious. All of these, I lift up to you, in Jesus’ name I pray.

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A real travel post: What to do in Cebu?


A friend of mine gave me a very early Christmas gift days ago. During the latter part of this year, I regained my will to travel. I wanted to target the places that I’ve been to first, and then go to the other ones that I haven’t visited yet. This friend knows how much I wanted to go back to Cebu, since I was still in grade school when my lola brought me there for a wedding; and I didn’t get to do a lot because I was still a kid. So he surprised me with round trip tickets to Cebu. Best. Christmas gift. Ever. Well, this year. Lol.

We started planning my itinerary, but I haven’t focused on getting them done and finalized yet. Here’s what he came up with:

Day 1 (Saturday, stay at Cebu Business Hotel) [Note to self: make the reservation soon]
Magellan’s Cross
CNT Lechon
City Hall
I.T. Park
Ayala Mall

Day 2 (Sunday, stay at a hotel in the Mactan Island area)
Pandanon island hopping/snorkeling
Chill night

Day 3 (Monday, still at Mactan Island)
Bum around

He wanted to have my first day as a city tour, and then just relax on the second and third day. I think that’s a good plan.

Do you know any other places I can go to given my timeframe (3 days, 2 nights)? I really need help ion looking for a hotel in Mactan Island. Not the expensive ones please. Any suggestions?

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The case of the Thanksgiving weekend


I tried hard to think of how I would write my Thanksgiving entry, but nothing’s registering in my mind. No witty first paragraph. No flowery words. So here goes.

Nov 22 – I met Bry at Trinoma to give her the money for dog food. If I haven’t mentioned it yet, Bry is giving me a puppy. A mix of beagle-golden retriever-Siberian husky. I decided to get a girl, and named her Sophie. Cute, right? And it’s cool that she looks more like a husky so I’m all excited! Bry and I ate at Taco Bell, where I haven’t gone to for a while now. I got potato tots, a taco and something very close to a quesadilla. Well, I forget what it’s called.

After Bry left, I proceeded to watch Breaking Dawn Part 2. At the risk of sounding like a super fan, which I was before watching Part 1 (because it disappointed me), the movie was the bomb. The ending was the best ending out of the four books, of course. I have always imagined how the meeting with the Volturi will look like. There were a few exceptions, like the exclusion of Maggie’s special powers, but the other “friends” were perfect. Kate, Garrett (Lee Pace who looked so different from his pie-maker role in Pushing Daisies), Zafrina and Benjamin were my favorites. At the end of the day, I can say that I will never hesitate to watch Part 2 over and over again. But not at the level of Mean Girls, though.

Nov 23 – Laine and I went back to Marcia Adams. Too bad we were not able to buy tarts from Rowena’s, but I am such a fan of the place now. Okay, here goes.

Marcia Adams is not publicized like other establishments. Days before we went, I had to email the place and the owner, Neil Adams, was kind enough to send a pdf file for directions. Just to make sure we don’t get lost, I used my phone’s GPS tracker, which is soooo amazing, to say the least. Anyway, we got there just 10 minutes late from our expected time of arrival, but we were still accommodated (Point 1).

Laine and I tried different items from the menu. Hers: soup of the day, octopus stew and grilled orange with vanilla ice cream. Mine: amalfi prawns, Spanish bean stew and banana split. Octopus stew – no, it doesn’t taste like squid. Although the whole time, we were thinking of baby octopus floating on her plate. Grilled orange – best surprise of the day. ‘Nuff said. Amalfi prawns – divine. Just the right crisp, with lemon zest and with a biscuit. Spanish bean stew – I love the chorizo, so different from what we buy from our local palengke. Banana split – grilled banana with chocolate ice cream and drizzled with nutella. Who can complain? At less than 800 bucks each, we were treated to an amazing set of food. It was good that there were not a lot of diners that night because Laine was able to talk to Neil while we were waiting for dessert.

The owners did not want to put up signs because they wanted to know who really wanted to go to the place. Makes sense. Instead of going there without any clue of what you wanted, why not go there because you are really interested? So the owners are relying on word of mouth. And I tell you, you will spread the word when you try them.

That night went very well because of the company that I had. Laine has been a long-time friend and I’m glad that we’re catching up. It helps that she’s a Christian too, so we talked about our faith for a bit.

Nov 24 – The family and I went to a Christening of my cousin’s other cousin (from the other side). We ate at Tramway and we ate a lot! I remember going back for their sweet and sour pork and buchi. Yum! I was just glad to see one of my nieces that I don’t get to see a lot. My cousins have got to get their affairs in order. Lol. My tita and I went home right away because no one was at home. A few hours later, I went to SM San Lazaro to finally give the Starbucks tumbler that one of my Path friends asked me to buy when I was in Baguio. I also took the time to look at cabinets that I’ll buy for my room. What I found were in the range of P2,500-P3,700 so I just need to stretch my target savings a bit again. At least I’m not wasting money on vices, right?

Nov 25 – This started out like any normal day. Went to church. No peeps from the VG were at the 10am service so I ate alone at Katsu Café. Hmmm. I liked Katsu Café because it was not crowded that Sunday aftie. The place was big sesame seeds because I had to grind black and white sesame seeds that I could mix with the sauce for my tonkatsu. I have to beat myself in the head for not getting katsudon. It would’ve been a great experience if the service folks advised me what to do with the sesame seeds; I guess they assumed I have gone there before. For P195 I had two slices of tonkatsu, with unlimited rice and a coleslaw, I guess that had hints of guess what, sesame seeds. The pork slices were kinda on the thinner side, but their sauce, combined with the ground sesame seeds, was great. I don’t think I’ll come back again soon. But it can be an alternative when I’ve gone tired of KFC, Peanut Butter Co, Mom and Tina’s, Ken Afford and other places along Katips.

During the small group session, I was pondering on whether I should go to the ganap that the Absolut folks planned for the lights and sounds show at the Ayala Triangle. I had a light bulb moment and ended up going. In the past weeks, during my quiet time, I read in Proverbs that I should not associate myself with fools; but it also says that I should “walk with the wise to become wise.” In that moment, I realized that excluding myself from my Absolut friends goes against the principle of fellowship. Maybe I can go with them but I have to be strong not to participate in anything that will remind me of my past. And I did. After the small group, I went to Megamall to meet up with Frankie and we went straight to Makati.

I had fun with them. I remembered how nice it was to hang out with them. Nevermind hanging out at McDo, Amici and McDo again that night. The highlight of the night wasn’t even the lights show. I felt lighter knowing that I can be this new person but still be with old friends. All I had to do was to not indulge in anything that would make me backslide. And it’s good that they’re respectful enough not to push me too hard. There were occasional jeers, but they didn’t dwell on it. Maybe soon, one or two will decide to walk with Him again. And that’s one thing I’ll pray for.

So all in all, I had a very great weekend. What am I thankful for? Aside from my family and my career, it’s good to be surrounded by people/friends that remind me how lucky I am. Bry and Laine have been my friends through the years and I’m glad that they are both on the same path as I am. The Absolut peeps have never failed to make me feel loved. Even though I have left them for some time, they still remained open and welcoming. And even though I may have changed my preference (one less kaagaw, as Frankie said), I felt no judgment and never heard anyone try to sway me back.

I pray Father, for all the people that You surrounded me with. I pray for their health and success through the years. I pray that You will be able to work on them the way You made me a witness of Your grace. Thank You for always making me feel loved, by You, and Your other creations. I pray for that one day when everyone realizes how good life is when You are at its center. I also pray for everyone’s awareness that above being a Father and our Savior, You are our Lord. I am sorry for all the sins I have committed against You, because You have put them all aside and welcomed me with open arms. And I know that You will do this to anyone else who decide to be Your children and Your servant. Please continue to bless me through my family and friends. I pray that one day, I will be able to wake up in a world where everyone turns a deaf ear on the temptations of the enemy. I lift everything to You, in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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VG adventures: the victorious weekend

the day i was born again


after a few sessions with the small group and one2one sessions with BJ, the Victory Weekend was dawning on me.

a week before, i registered and got a booklet that i had to study and answer by myself. all in all, it was helpful because it did prepare me for Victory weekend. there was consistency in everything, from one2one, the prep book and the workbook we used in the actual sessions.

i want to share all i learned during the Victory weekend but i will be robbing a lot of people the experience of going through every step.

the pastors and speakers were very helpful indeed. when BJ said "Made-deal yan sa Victory weekend," it actually happened! there are a lot of issues that i thought were impossible to understand but things were made so simple by everyone. it also helped to know some new believers from the church.

the Saturday ending activity drained me, not in a bad way. imagine trying to understand what your life was about for 28 years... then finding out you can figure it out in a couple of hours. God worked on both BJ and i as we were talking and trying to figure out what my actual problem was. it made me appreciate my choice to walk with Him again, seeing the small miracles being revealed to me at every step.

the enemy? it was there the whole time trying to insert images in my mind. i must admit that it was trying really hard to win me over. but ignoring it just made me stronger. so for the meantime, i decided to stay away from anything that will tempt me. Proverbs 13:20 said "Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble." Soon, when i get well versed with the Word, i wish i can minister to my friends. but this decision to separate myself from certain people is not abandonment. it's preparing myself to be able to share the changes i have found in this new life.

the next day, we were baptized, all 70+ of us. new believers. new children of God who have decided to get back on track.

i really wished that Derrick was there, for he was my first brother, before anyone else in the group. he kept on flashing in my mind everytime i associate him with a topic that we discussed. i think i just miss how we were before, and i believe that going through the Victory Weekend will really help him with all his issues, past or present.

i'm sorry that i did not share everything you may have wanted to read, but attending the Victory Weekend is a personal journey. it will mean differently to each individual. if only a lot of people are willing to change to be saved.

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Ang Pagbitaw


today, i let go of the string
although it's the only thing
that's linking me to you

fly high up in the air
the wind doesn't play fair
and i guess, so did you

wherever the wind takes you
take care, and as you do
remember i held on to you

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My soul’s travels: Matthew 6


I have two verses that I liked today.

Matthew 6:18
Then no one will notice that you are fasting, except your Father, who knows what you do in private. And your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.

Matthew 6:24
No one can serve two masters, for you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other.

For the first one, I learned the hard way. Months ago I kept on telling everyone I was fasting, I didn’t know it was not proper. But anyway, nowadays, when I fast, I don’t tell people I do. I don’t want people to think that I am only doing so to get attention or something. In truth, even if it’s only God who knew my sacrifices, I think it will matter more. There is a difference between faith in truth and faith for show. And it’s not just fasting that God looks at. He sees everything. He knows everything. He is omnipresent and omniscient.

The second one reminds me of Lordship. In the small group, we always talk about struggles and what keeps us from giving 100% of ourselves to Christ. I just realized that if a thing is a struggle, then more than the whispers of the enemy, there is a part of us that still misses that part of our past. And I feel guilty. A struggle is a prolonged fight or conflict. Surrendering ourselves to the Lord should mean the fight has been won, and the conflict has been resolved. In all honesty, and in the truest sense of the word, I still have struggles, but I am working on shutting them off my mind. It’s true that looking back at the things that I enjoyed in the past seems fun, but that should be where those things are, the past. I feel guilty for the times I said “Mamimiss ko ‘to.” when I took my last swig of alcohol or last puff of cigarette. Or last… Well.

One key to living a life with Christ is forgetting the things that hurt Him, and made Him feel like his death on the cross happened in vain. A lot of us say, “I’ll sin today, and on Sunday, God will forgive me when I go to church.” What if the world ended before Sunday? I remembered this line when we attended the “The End” series just this past month. The end is unbeknownst to anyone. Only He knows when. The same way that only Him knows what’s really on our minds. If outwardly, we project a God-loving persona, but inside, we think about sin, and our hearts are tied to it, then our lord is not Jesus. Whoever we follow and listen to all the time is our Lord. If we follow God’s will, as supported by His Word, then He is our Lord. If we follow the lies of the enemy, which supposedly makes life easier and pleasurable for us, then that is our lord.

It’s difficult. Saying no to the things that give us pleasure. That’s why the enemy takes delight every time we commit sins. Because it’s so easy to be swayed, especially for those who don’t have faith in God. I wish I had known this years ago. But this is how He designed my life, and I’m just glad that I reached this stage.

Today, I pray, Father, that I am always alert in thoughts and in actions. I ask for Your guidance in everything that I think of and do. Let the sacrifice of fasting be one thing that I will do not because I want people to know that I am fasting, but because I want to get closer to You and seek You more. I pray, Father, that You give me strength when faced with the temptations of the enemy. Feed my mind with Your Word that will send the enemy away. Open my eyes to the truth and let my ears be deaf to the whispers of the enemy. Thank You for surrounding me with people that attest to Your grace. For they always remind me that You are with me when I am most weak and vulnerable. Father, I hope that everyone sees how amazing our lives would be if everyone started to walk with You. That despite the worldly “lords,” You are still assuring us that our decision to follow You is a choice that would lead us to salvation. I pray for the time when no one doubts Your presence and submits themselves to believing Your Word. I pray that You forgive me for all the inconsistencies, for letting myself create crossroads in my life when there should have been only one path that I should follow, which is Yours. I pray that like what You did with the walls of Jericho, You will overcome my stone heart with Your grace and let You be my one and only Lord.

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