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The case of the Holy Week babbles

What's Holy Week for us? Is it like springbreak when we get to take a much-needed break from stress? Is it about going to Bora and Galera to have some much-needed fun and good time with friends? Is it about having a "staycation" because of a much-needed change of pace?

Holy Week, as of late, has been about ourselves. The enemy has been successful in guiding us away from the main reason Holy Week was set up in the first place. Instead of repenting, we involve ourselves in debauchery and hedonism. We focus on satisfying "much-needed" breaks. We yearn to give ourselves what we want. And that's not actually what we need.

The Son of Man died on the cross for us. He didn't have to, but He did. He died in order to save us. And we can't give Him one week of our lives. Just a few days to show how grateful we are for what He did. No, we choose to do what seems to be right for us.

We can never match God's love. And a lot of us has resigned to that fact so much that we stopped trying. What the heck, we only live once, right? And that's what the enemy likes.

Yes, we can't match it. But we can continue to live like we're trying.

Our hearts are all for ourselves. Ever wonder why God seems to never listen? Because we sin. Ever wonder why our prayers are never answered? Because He wants us to take a different course. Ever wonder what God wants us to do?

It's to accept Him as our Savior, but more than that, our Lord. The Father has been bullied so much by the enemy but He has never stopped trying to win us back.

Have you ever been in a very dark place, but suddenly, a small thing will make everything bright? Have you ever found yourself cash-strapped, then someone comes to help you? Have you been at your worst case, then things take a 180-degree turn? We can't credit these small miracles to fate, much more to ourselves. We can't claim being masters of everything.

Wow, i've typed in too much. This will be just another rant for others. Pointless, to some. But i'm trying. I'm trying to do what others are afraid to do. Most unbelievers, or worse, passive believers, will just shrug their shoulders. Who am i to talk right? But again, i'm just trying. Just one step to taking one huge leap. Leap of faith, hopefully for you.

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