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So it's 2 days before Christmas. I'm here in my room, which is getting more spacious without the clutter i got rid of. I just realized how much dramatic Carrie Bradshaw's life was because of her own doing. And yeah, i can't believe i patterned my life after that. Anyway...

So this December has been nothing but a month of waiting. Waiting to get my room cleaned up. Waiting for my week-long vacation. Waiting to give gifts to friends. Waiting for my teeth to be pulled out. Waiting to see if the world would end.

You see, waiting has been my thing for the longest time. I spent so much time waiting, and ended up wasting a huge amount of my life. I never got to enjoy moments. God has a lot in store for me. I need to focus my strengths on that.


This year was the year that I lost many friends. So this is how it feels when people walk out of your life.

I was always the one to walk away. My pride was higher than the tallest building in the world. But now, i'll just let my ex-friends get around the idea of welcoming me back in their lives. You see, reaching out to them and being ignored add up to that bad feeling. So instead, i'll let myself free of the hatred. If there's one thing i should learn from God, it's the choice to forgive. Because even God forgave all of my sins, past , present and future. How can i not be merciful of others?

Let go, and let God. That means so much more to me now.


So this is my first Christmas as a Christian. And it's interesting. I just realized how much focus i placed on the commercial aspect of the holiday. Christmas is about Christ. God sent Jesus to ransom us from all the sins we have committed. How can i forget that? I just hope that we will be teaching the next generation with the right way to celebrate Christmas: to celebrate Christ, that is.


It's chick flick night tonight. Watched Sex and the City 2 and The Devil Wears Prada. My dream to write a novel has been lost wherever. Days ago, Madam Shugaytay read our slumnote entries from years past by all trainers in the department. I guess it's safe to say that i achieved some of my goals. Losing weight? Well, no. But staying in the training team, yes.


What happened in the last few weeks?

Joined the Christmas Party with the VG boys. I met some of the other Victory QC guys and i got a bag as a gift! It wasn't part of my plan to join, i was supposed to be nursing a tooth extraction after effect but the dentist needed an xray of my teeth. So i went to the party. It was fun. I realized i haven't had guy friends for a loooong time.

The day after, i joined the L&D team as we all dressed up as Volturi vampires in the EGS Christmas party. I must say, cosplaying is fun! It felt nice taking pictures with a lot of people also in costume. Food was great, but i wondered why there was a lack of tables in an event that's supposed to cater to over 4,000 people. DJ Callum David was there to spin for us. Oh yeah, loved that. I didn't win a anything at the raffle. Lol.


The next week, i had to go back to the dentist, but i was late due to traffic. Yes, not an excuse. So i ended up going around Greenhills after we scheduled another appointment. Found a nice pet accessories shop. Bought a really expensive planner. I just think it's way too expensive for how it looks. Keber.


The last animated movie that i liked was Brave, and i liked it. So when i finally watched Rise of the Guardians, i couldn't believe I could still find a fave cartoon of the year. I wouldn't post spoilers, but the part that i liked is the thought of being important even if one child believed in the guardians. The enemy will always find ways to inject fear in our lives. But our faith, oh our faith... If we latch ourselves on to god that hard, the enemy will never win. In the same context, i remembered the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. God had said that even if there's one believer in those cities, He will never ruin them. God loves us that much. And yet, we hold on to our sins.


Towards the end of the year, suddenly, options arise. That makes me want to look forward to the coming year.


I will have a dog soon. I used to hate dogs. I was afraid of them, apparently for no good reason. maybe because the dogs living in our street are just really untrained. I wish Sophie would be a model baby. I can't wait to see her. And hug her.


Don't start with Miss Universe. My tweets will say all you need to hear about it.


So recently, we realized at the office that we needed a Devil Wears Prada moment. If not for the cabinets i need and surgery for my teeth (plus braces), i would have spent my money on gym membership and new clothes. Yeah.


Planning for my Cebu trip will start this week! I am so excited!

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