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The blank sessions: three days of film


The mahjongeras have not been together for so long. And since changes are beginning in my life; I have decided to rename our adventures. So far, I can’t think of anything, so I’ll put *blank* for the meantime.

It was the Undas weekend, and I was allowed to be off on Friday, November 2. I planned on going to the cemetery, but everytime I went home (both on Nov 1 and 2) and tried to sleep, my teeth will ache. Yeah, time to visit the dentist again. But I have to look for a new one, since we changed our HMO, yet again.

Anyway, since Ryan was unable to go on his impromptu La Union trip due to no vacancies, we decided to meet up. We went to MOA, because I haven’t gone there for a long time. I also wanted to check out Uniqlo for their shorts. After buying bread from Bread Talk, we got tickets for the movie Skyfall and went back to Uniqlo, which was just across Bread Talk.

It was like a dreamland for me. Unlike some local brands that would normally don’t have anything for me; the sizes at Uniqlo were just right! I wanted to buy a combo of a shirt and shorts, but I didn’t have enough money, so I settled for dark blue twill shorts at 590 pesos. I plan to go back. Well, the place was cool too. Sales people would greet you all the time and the clothes were separated into type. Too bad they didn’t have shoes. We also checked out Forever 21 and Cotton On, and I found shoes that I’m coming back for.

We then checked out Galaxy Tabs. I had planned on letting go of my iPhone 4. This was the perfect time. Memories in that phone are not so pleasing. Anyway, after getting an idea of how the tab would cost, we ate at Wendy’s. Wendy’s, for a long time, seems struggling with finding a market. I’ve seen a lot of branches close down in Manila. The price skyrocketed too. The chicken fillet was only 70 pesos when I was in high school. Well, now, it’s around 200? So when I saw that they had budget meals, I was kinda glad. I got a side salad (at 49 pesos, see?) and their lumpiang shanghai which was good. Thank you Wendy’s for giving me reusable red bags. I only said my food was for takeout because I wanted those bags.

So we then proceeded to the movie. Skyfall, a Bond movie, was good. For a macho movie franchise, I liked Skyfall. First, Adele sang the theme song. Next, there were not much action scenes that would have made me sleep. Plus, it had a story. The relationship between M and Bond was the highlight of the story. I wouldn’t spill how it ended. Just go and watch.

The next day, Ryan and I were supposed to meet BJ, but he had some work to do. So after finally getting my Galaxy tablet, we went to Galleria. Galleria is like a labyrinth to me. I never quite got to understand how the interior was set up. I used to go to Galleria with my friend Sheils after class. But yeah, I still don’t get Galleria.

Ryan wanted to have a mani pedi, so we went to Let’s Face It. Hmm… I didn’t think a simple mani pedi would cost so much. There were some that would cost more than 500 pesos for a combo. No. I refuse to give in. I took the regular mani pedi only. 250 tops. Anyway, I haven’t had my feet and hands done for a looooong time. The last person who did me left me battle scars. But the lady who worked on my hands and feet this time was really careful. And chatty. I guess the other people in the room were glad when we left because we were noisy.

We then ate at Burger King. And I checked out my new tablet while eating. It was weird. But I think I liked it.

The movie that we watched was Pitch Perfect. If you are a kid who grew up in the 90’s, you would relate to this movie. It’s about an all female acapella group in college trying to win a competition. After most of the group members graduated, it was up to two seniors to make sure the group, well, won the next year. It was like bring it On. New captain sticking to tradition. Renegade newbie (Anna Kendrick) with fresh, new ideas. I guess the story did not dwell too much on several back stories that I was able to focus on two things the movie was really about: comedy and music. I have been a fan of Anna Kendrick since Camp, where she was a revelation, so I’m not surprised they got her for this part. HotLaggen was also in the movie (from Harry Potter) providing some muscle in his short scenes. All the other actors were great, but Rebel Wilson stole the show for me. Her one-liners will forever be etched on my mind like Mean Girls dialogues.

On Sunday, Ryan and I went to church service in Regis at 10am. I gave Derrick the polo shirt from mom that didn’t fit me well. The service was about heaven, with Joey leading the service. It was a fun service. Joey had a lot of moments that I wish other people would have witnessed too.

After lunch with Ryan, Kriz and Derrick at Bonchon, we went to Red Mango for the small group. It’s nice to see that there’s a lot more interaction during the small group now. I kinda feel bad though that I can’t spend time with most of them outside the Sunday meetings. I usually meet BJ or Ryan on separate occasions. Anyway, I had a one2one session with BJ after. Just one more session and I should be ready for the Victory Weekend! Yey! I already registered. Can’t wait to start answering the workbook. 

Ryan and I went to Megamall to meet Burn. I needed some dose of my old friends, but with a bit of restraint. I didn’t go around shopping though. My purchase the previous day was enough to last for three months. We ate at Amici. I don’t remember what we ate. All I can remember is that the pizza was good and the two plates of pasta were so so. Happy Lemon was next. Not amazing. Not worth remembering.

So we watched Six Degrees of Seaparation from Lilia Cuntapay. When we got to the theatre, she was outside taking pictures with people, so we asked her to take pictures with us too. Who is Lilia Cuntapay? She’s that movie extra who is always cast as a witch or a ghost. In all fairness to the movie, I loved it. It was mockumentary at its best. Modern Family will probably bow to this one. Lilia was the star of the show. I loved her. I felt for her. Despite knowing the fact that it was fiction, I knew that some of the scenes must have happened to her in real life. Showbiz keeps on relying on faces or crude/insulting humor to break box office records. Lilia Cuntapay is living proof that there are no small actors. For me, Six Degrees… was last year’s Zombadings. And yeah, our VG friend Kriz was mentioned in the fake awards night. Coolness!

After the movie, we dropped by Starbucks in Home Depot for a bit. This year’s planner is good so I might collect stickers. The last two years have been bad for the planners from Starbucks. Really bad.

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