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The case of the catch-up (trio and VG adventures)


I wasn’t able to write for a few days. Oh well. I think my mind needed to refresh a bit, hence, I stopped writing. Here are the things I did for the past two weeks:

October 20 – the trio adventurers went to the birthday of a good friend’s 3-year old son. It was a nice party because there were only a few guests, so it was more intimate than I expected. We also had time to participate in the games and talk about a lot of stuff. I kinda missed the trio and our friend so I had a great time. And no, having a kid of my own still hasn’t crossed my mind.

October 21 – it was a full day. I attended service at 10am with Rye. We ate at KFC, attended small group at Red Mango (tried the green tea yoghurt, never trying it again), had my 1 to 1 with BJ, ate at Serenitea (got wintermelon and the uber salty chicken chops) and served at the 6pm service. It was fun to see Rye getting involved in the church activities. I feel blessed by his progress and I hope that he gets to interact with the other peeps. After service, we ate at TOSH (oriental spaghetti) and went home right away.

October 26 – went to Tagaytay with the VG peeps. Finally, I met some of the names I often hear from the others. Too bad Derrick wasn’t able to join. There were 12 of us. Team Kapamilya – Lolay, Kriz, Nomer (first ever evictee), Cookie, Bone and Lloyd. Team Globe Prepaid – Claude, Ian, Fej, Lory and Jinelle. During the ride to Tagaytay I was a bit quiet, but they all made me feel comfortable. And I received immunity from eviction. Yey!

We first went to Green ATS, and had bulalo, fried tawilis and pinaputok na tilapia. It was too bad that it was raining because the bulalo soup went cold really fast. We were supposed to go to Marcia Adams next but we went to Bag of Beans instead.

Bag of Beans is, as the name might imply, a coffee shop, but the place is much more than that. It occupied a big space, where groups can choose which area they want to stay at; there was a mess hall type of room and mini huts for those who want a more intimate feel. We all tried different stuff. I got the chocolate mousse, which was just like the choco fudge that I buy at SM, but a lot creamier and full bodied. Ian/Cookie got a very yummy apple pie a la mode while Lolay got a strawberry cheesecake. I didn’t order coffee because I already had chocolate at CBTL while waiting for them. After taking pictures and lots of fun conversations, we decided to buy pasalubong and looked for a videoke bar (imagine my gladness).

We rented a room at a place I forgot the name of for 300 pesos an hour. It was the first time that I sang without drinking or smoking. Talk about natural high.

After singing our lungs out, we went to Marcia Adams. This is a gem of a place that everyone with a budget of 700 pesos and up should try. It is very near the highway, I am not sure though if there was a sign for everyone to see. Maybe that’s what makes it special. Even the façade did not bear any name of the resto. When we came in, we had to go down on a stone pathway that led to the dining area. There were a few tables that were set up so neatly. The place had a very cozy ambiance, perfect for intimate family dinners or dates. The staff was very accommodating, smiling at the sight of a diner. Guests also need to call in advance for reservations, and maybe to get directions too.

Now, the food. For 700 pesos, we will get an appetizer (shrimp balls for me, I forget what it is called; or soup), the main course (grilled porkchop for me) and dessert (lavender crème brulee). The shrimp, or prawn, was divine. It was fried, with a little bit of breading and sat on top of a biscuit that I thought was made from pancake batter. The porkchop? Awesome. The slice was very thick, rubbed with several spices and grilled to perfection. It didn’t need any sauce or whatever. The crème brulee was good, I guess they only had too much sugar on top that when I cracked it, I still tasted unburnt sugar crystals.

The good: nice place, cozy interior, friendly staff, awesome food, intimacy. The bad: a lizard pooped on my arm. They needed insect repellents. Maybe it was the lizard’s job to eat the insects.
The ride back home was a bit quiet. I think I slept for a few minutes. Christians do have fun. What I like about how we do it is that we never need alcohol or chemicals to be happy. Conversations and company become much more meaningful when sober.

October 27 – Mr. Big’s birthday. Anyway, I went to Greenbelt 3 with Laine. We haven’t seen each other for more than a year. We agreed to watch a movie while on Twitter. When we met, we bought tickets for Looper, and headed to Jollibee right away for some light lunch. It was cool to catch up over fast food. Maybe my expenses the previous day prompted me to be a cheapskate. We got the crispy wings that needed much more flavor and pasta for each of us. Yeah, Jollibee spaghetti. It’s the bomb diggity.

We then watched Looper. Great movie. I think I am becoming a Joseph Gordon Levitt fan, never mind his dorky look in 3rd Rock from the Sun. No spoilers. The movie was about what motivates us to do things and how our decisions can affect not just us but those around us. It made me question my past life and what would have happened if I stayed on that path. I can only be unsure about the future, but it should be looking much brighter now.

After the movie, we stayed at Serenitea and talked more. It was really a time for catching up. It helped that Laine was a Christian too so our conversations were a bit light. And no one has called me “Sam” for a very long time. We talked about the men in our lives. Well, that’s all in the past.

I had a great day. I’m just glad I can keep friends who are there for the long haul.

October 28 – Uncle Ken’s birthday. I attended the 10am service. Wasn’t serving at the 6pm service and there was no small group meeting so I left the center right away. I stayed at Kebabers along Katipunan and they let me charge my phone. The food was okay. For 160 pesos I had monster beef meal and twister fries. Well, there’s an issue on flavor. But it was okay. Mr. Kebab still tastes better. The staff was nice enough to answer my questions too.

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